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  • Jesse and Josh: Thru Hikers (17 min 23 sec)
    Jesse and Josh, LT 2008 thru hikers, share their experiences over their first 160 miles during their stay at the Hyde Away Inn in Waitsfield, August 11, 2008.

  • Ernie: LT Thru Hiker at Sucker Brook Shelter (8 min 18 sec)
    Long Trail thru hiker Ernie talks about his in-progress hike during his stay at Sucker Brook Shelter on September 3, 2008.

  • Ho and Hum: LT Section Hikers (32 min 21 sec)
    Long Trail section and self-described "Geezer Hikers" Ho and Hum chat about their August 2009 experiences in hiking the LT south from Johnson to Jonesville, north from App Gap to Duxbury Road, and north from Lincoln Gap to App Gap.

    Update: Ho and Hum continued their section hiking of the LT in 2010 and 2011. Ho completed the trail in 2011 and his brother Hum has 76 miles remaining. Ho documented their three years' outings which he has generously agreed to share. Click on the PDF versions of their journals below:

    Ho and Hum 2009: Johnson to Lincoln Gap
    Ho and Hum 2010: Bennington to Mad Tom Notch
    Ho and Hum 2011: Journey's End to Johnson, Bennngton to Cheshire, MA

    Update #2: Ho and Hum's adventures continued as they hiked on both the LT and the Appalachian Trail (AT), most recently the Georgia AT in 2018. Ho was kind enough to share his 2009-2015 journal containing descriptions, photos, and statistics. Click on the PDF link below:

    Adventures of Ho & Hum 2009-2015

  • Aaron S. LT Day Hiking End-to-End (26 min 42 sec)
    Aaron Schoenberg describes his plans and leadership of a yearly series of group day hikes in his quest to hike the Long Trail end-to-end.

  • Ted Lennox 1st Time Hiker (30 min 27 sec)
    Seventy-five year-old Ted Lennox offers a unique perspective on the challenges and pleasures of a first-time hiker and backpacker -- who just happens to be blind.

  • Rough and Tumble at Duxbury Window (6 min 28 sec)
    Rough and Tumble take a break on the Long Trail at Duxbury Window and chat about hiking and enjoying the trail.

  • Keld - Long Trail Enthusiast (20 min 26 sec)
    Keld, a sixty-something Vermont resident, resumed hiking a few years ago after a 30-year absence. He enthusiastically talks about his participation in a group which is day hiking the entire Long Trail over six years.

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