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Calculations based on: The Green Mountain Club, Inc., Waterproof Hiking Map, 5th Edition, Copyright 2015, Waterbury Ctr, VT, (802) 244-7037.

NOTE: In June 2015 the Long Trail was relocated from Duxbury Road to Jonesville to cross the Winooski River over a new suspension footbridge. The trail now follows Duxbury Road west for 1 mile and then follows a path along the river and the edge of farm fields before rejoining the road 2-tenths of a mile from the bridge. New trail climbs Stimson Mountain and rejoins the existing footpath south of the Buchanan Shelter junction. Duck Brook Shelter is now on a GMC-maintained side trail. A further relocation is planned on Bamforth Ridge north of the Bamforth Ridge Shelter to eliminate the 1-mile road walk (see below). Calculated distances that cross the Duxbury parking lot are affected by the 2015 relocation. This calculator has been updated (November, 2015) to reflect the new distances.

GMC Update on the Winooski Valley Long Trail Relocation (source: Long Trail News, Spring 2016, Copyright 2016, Green Mountain Club):

"... We plan to finish (laying out a flagline) from Gleason Brook west to the boat landing on the Winooksi River. ... Once finalized, we'll have agency specialists review it, and then seek funding to cut the trail."



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