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Water Sources: Lincoln Gap to App Gap
« on: February 20, 2011, 11:53:06 AM »
Water is often scarce on the 11.6 mile trail portion of the Monroe Skyline from Lincoln Gap to Appalachian Gap.  Hiking northbound, the best source is at Battell Shelter where the stream is almost always running.  Further north there is a sign at Holt Hollow (just north of the Castlerock Warming Hut) which points to a small intermittent source just to the west of the trail.  There has never been water at Stark's Nest (unless carried up in plastic jugs by generous souls), but in September of 2010 a rain barrel (see photo, below) was installed on the wooden deck, so this may prove to be a valuable source.  Finally, just to the west of Theron Dean Shelter there is a small stream as you hike downhill away from the shelter but this is at best unreliable.  The best advice for northbounders is to refill at Battlell Shelter and for southbounders, to start out from App Gap with a full bladder since you may have to hike the entire 9.8 miles before refilling at Battlell Shelter.  There are no sources at either gap's road crossings.

And yes, in an emergency, you will be able to find water by hiking down a ways on the westbound Battell and Jerusalem trails (approach trails) and also by heading down the Mad River Glen service road from Stark's Nest.

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