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Rt 9 to Manchester
« on: February 22, 2011, 12:49:00 PM »
Day three

I woke up at 5:00 and had my coffee and a bowl of grapenuts, my usual breakfast. Hit the road at 6:00 and I arrived at the trailhead at 8:45. Packed up and started hiking ,crossed a bridge and started climbing. I got to Split Rock at 9:22 , and the Shelter at10:00. I had a white chocolate and macadamia nut Cliff Bar that at the time was the best thing I ever ate. I was starving, the grapenuts were wearing off. So on I went , I crossed the high tension wires and met a family who took my picture. Meet up with them again at Hell Hole Brook, where I drank 2 liters of water and filtered 4 more liters to carry . The book said it was dry until you got to the spring at Goddard Shelter, and boy, they weren’t kidding! I did not see even a muddy trickle. I got to Porcupine lookout and had a bp&j rollup .... Umm good! Then it seemed like it went on for hours, which it did! I got pretty fatigued, but made it to the shelter around 3:30. The spring at the shelter was ice cold! It was so refreshing.
I had some kind of Lipton rice and noodle dish, which I mixed in a pouch of tuna, not bad. Hikers started coming in, I met Patch & Poker, two kids doing the AT.  I climbed the tower with them and while doing so Patch announces he’s afraid of heights (I just thought that was so weird). I met a lot of hikers that night, one, Seedless Joe was quite a character.  Lots of hikers, means lots of noise.

10.1 miles
6.5 hours

I woke up and had my coffee and oatmeal, and while packing up I said that I had to make it to Manchester by Thursday morning. Grin said that it shouldn’t be to hard, and announced that he’d be at Story Spring Shelter by noon. Now, I should mention Grin is about 65.  At any rate, he took off and a bit later so did I. I made it to Kid Gore Shelter in book time , which surprised me because the book has been waxing my ass! What a fantastic view! If I was going to to take someone hiking of the first time I think I’d bring them here. I had a good lunch, filtered some water and resumed my hike. As the hike went on I realized I was getting blisters. I came to a great spot called Lydia’s Rest.  What a fantastic view! I took my boots off and dried my feet. I ate a little (M&M peanuts) and put on dry socks. After soaking in the view I was back at it. After a while I heard this strange rapid clicking noise behind me, it was Seedless Joe and Twizzler practically running with walking sticks, “gotta get there before the rain” Joe said as he blew by me. Needless to say I stepped it up quite a bit! I got to the shelter and got a spot, and am I glad I did.
So if I learned anything from this , it is this: don’t be the slowest hiker in the ‘bubble’ because you will be tenting and you will get SOAKED.  Torrential downpours throughout the night , so loud it would wake me up!

8.9 miles
6 hrs

Day five
Oh were do I start? It poured all nite, and the most of the people in tents got soaked. All of Seedless Joe’s buddys were soaked. At this point its just raining, which isn’t that bad considering. I made some coffee and had about 8 fig newtons, put my wet cloths back on and hit the trail. The time was 6:30. My plan was to hike to the Kelly Stand Road and then take the Stratton Pond Trail to avoid going over Stratton Mt. (which I hiked in late June just in case it rained and I had no view). The rain was steady but as soon as I hit Stratton Pond trail it poured out! It rained so hard it filled up my boots ! My pack was getting heavy from the rain, I have never been out in rain that heavy.
We ( Grin and I) finally made it to Stratton Pond Shelter, which was great, because it has a huge covered front porch.  Dried off and ate hot ramen noodles and pepperoni.  Yummy!
Talked to hikers all afternoon ,  finally laid in bed listening to my radio.

6.2 miles
3.5 hrs

Day 6
Up and out! Coffee, a Cliff Bar and a nice chunk of pepperoni . Dry socks, and my boots were only slightly damp, thanks to stuffing them with a Sham-Wow overnite. Walked down to Stratton Pond which looked so cool in the fog, I had to take a picture. The hike was actually pleasant, a ‘soft day’ as the Irish would say. Misty and cool. As I hiked on I hooked up with Grin again, and also a father and son team from Springer named 96 and Number 1 Son. We all just told stories and the walk went pretty fast. The sun came out and we were at Prospect Rock before we knew it.  Took some pics of Manchester and me and Grin headed down Rootville Road. (my blisters love the downhill...ouch). We got to Rt 30 around 10 am and started hitching , but hunger got the best of me so I waved bye to Grin, and went in and got a big bacon&egg breakfast...WOW!!
Refreshed from some real food I resumed hitching, and who should pick me up but the caretaker at Stratton Pond! He gave me a ride to town , and I caught a mini-bus to Bennington for $2.  Then I got a personal shuttle to the trailhead were my car was parked for $2. Amazing!

7.5 miles
3.5 hours

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