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Geezer Hikers Ho & Hum 2010: Bennington to Mad Tom Notch
« on: January 30, 2012, 05:00:41 PM »
A link to “Geezer Hikers” Ho and Hum’s 2010 LT Journal is posted at (immediately after the podcast about our August 2009 experiences in hiking the LT).  Links are also provided to our 2009 and 2011 LT journals. 

Below is a summary of our 2010 backpacking adventures:

We, Ho (Jerry Ash) and Hum (Bob Ash), identify ourselves as “geezer hikers Ho & Hum”, because we are just that: Ho’s 68 and Hum’s 70, that is, geezers, and indeed we are quite Ho-Hum.  We began planning our 2010 Long Trail hike immediately following our grand 2009 LT adventure in August 2009.  We did the hike in 2 stages: a 5-day hike (8/2-6/10) from Bennington/Route 9 to Mad Tom Notch and a single-day hike (8/8/10) from Lincoln Gap to Lincoln Peak and back.  Overall we hiked almost 60 miles, climbed 9,600 feet, descended 7,200 feet, and took 201,000 steps.  The full journal details our preparation for the hike and experiences along the way, and also provides a few pictures. 

Once again we were awestruck by another gorgeous stretch of the Long Trail that took us through peaceful forests and over the magnificent summits of Glastenbury, Stratton, Bromley, and Abraham mountains.  We felt great satisfaction in overcoming and ultimately conquering the enormous physical challenges we encountered.  We were stupefied by several mysteries on the jaunt:

-   Unsolved: what became of the Bennington co-ed, Paula Welden, who disappeared more than 60 years ago on the LT section we just hiked?
-   Sad ending: what became of the young man, Danny Goldstein, who wandered off from Rutland, and was rumored to have hiked south at the same time and on the same LT section we just hiked north?
-   Unsolved: where oh where did Runner (Sam Merriman) go after we last saw him descending Stratton Mountain presumably headed to Stratton Shelter?
-   Unsolved: how did King Tut’s 3000 year old sarcophagus and mummy make it onto the LT atop the north summit of Bromley Mountain? 

We relished the brotherly banter, sharing, bonding and boisterous guffawing that broke the silence of the trail.  We especially savored the company of the diverse, interesting, and friendly people we met along the way.  We’ll never forget the vivid interactions with Zhivago, Funk, Cool Shoes, Zephyr, Runner, DC, Bleemus, Canadian Geese, Ottawa Lou, PoiBoy, Black Eagle, and the whole gang, for their priceless individuality.  Many hikers have commented that life on the trail is a microcosm of ‘real life’, where the people you meet become your family, and many believe, as do we, that communing with this ‘trail family’ is the best part of the whole experience.

Ho & Hum