Author Topic: Geezer Hikers Ho & Hum 2011: Journey's End to Johnson, Bennington to Cheshire MA  (Read 3187 times)

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A link to “geezer hikers” Ho and Hum’s 2011 LT Journal is posted at (immediately after the podcast about our August 2009 experiences in hiking the LT).  Links are also provided to our 2009 and 2010 LT journals. 

Below is a summary of our 2011 backpacking adventures:

We, Ho (Jerry Ash) and Hum (Bob Ash), two brothers who identify ourselves as “geezer hikers Ho & Hum”, because we are just that: Hum’s 71 and I’m 69, that is, geezers, and indeed we are quite Ho-Hum. A primary goal for Ho this year was to complete the Long Trail (LT), which requires hiking from the Canadian Border to Johnson/Route 15, hiking from Bennington/Route 9 to the VT/MA border, plus completing two short road walks (West Settlement Road from the parking lot to Johnson/Route 15, and Duxbury Road from the parking lot to Jonesville, VT).

The full journal details our preparation for the hike and experiences along the way, and also provides a few pictures.

This hike completes the third year of Ho and Hum’s backpacking adventures on the LT/AT. For the “geezer hikers” it was a great success: 54 miles over 6 days from the Vermont-Canada border hiking south, climbing 7 mountains, including Jay Peak, for a cumulative elevation gain of over 12,000’, over some of the most rugged, straight-up terrain on the LT. Then 33 miles over 4 days, hiking south from Bennington, VT, to complete the LT, and into Massachusetts on the AT over the enormous, 15-mile long Mt. Greylock.

In this 3-year quest Ho completed the entire 273-mile LT (to receive the Green Mountain Club’s ‘end-to-end patch’ and certificate) and Hum conquered 200 miles of this amazing trail.  We reflect on what 3 years of backpacking the LT has meant and what lasting impressions it would leave. Surely this was an outstanding life experience. To us the LT had met and far surpassed all expectations. We were enchanted by this ‘footpath in the wilderness’, which brings Vermont’s great beauty into perfect harmony with nature. We were awed by its stunning beauty, which in fact had great power – hypnotic power – that we could see again and again and not tire of its impact. The LT is where we had challenged great dangers – ventured into the true wilderness – and had been frightened by the unknowns and unexpecteds and the enormous physical and mental challenges. In conquering these wilderness adventures and challenges our spirits were lifted to heights not felt before, but in looking back can somehow be felt again. We relish our backpacking trips together, the brotherly banter, and the company of the diverse, interesting, and friendly people we meet along the way. To us, communing with this ‘trail family’ is the best part of the whole experience. This 3-year quest to conquer the LT was a milepost in destiny, one that marked a later passage, and now in all its splendor the milepost had been passed.

Ho & Hum