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Pine Cobble to Rt 9
« on: February 22, 2011, 12:32:02 PM »
Day one
Left the house around 6:30 and drove to Rt9 and got there about 9:30.  When I got out of the car,  there where hikers milling around and chit chatting. I opened my trunk and slung my pack on and one of the hikers asked me if I wanted a ride to Bennington, which I quickly accepted. After getting dropped off across from Friendly's I started to hitch. An old guy with a cane came by and told me to walk to the top of the hill , because they won’t stop down here. So up the road I go.  After about 12 minutes a guy in a big Ford SUV picked me up and drove me right to the trailhead in North Adams!  Talk about Trail Magic!
I’m on the trail at 10:40.  A pleasant walk through the woods, then it starts to slowly go up till you hit Pine Cobble , which was warm and sunny. I didn’t see a damn pine tree! As I hiked on, I was still going up till I hit the true summit of Pine Cobble and there were the pitch pines! Walked on and came to the sign of the MA-VT border,  which was planted right in front of a pool of mud. Just in case you weren’t sure of where you were.
Got to Seth Warner at 2:45, and I was fairly tired, so I just sat down and made a cup of coffee and some Fig Newtons. That was refreshing, so I went about my camp duties and generally poked around, read the journal and made my entry.  After awhile I made my supper of Mac&Cheese with tuna.
As I’m sitting there, relaxing, a hiker comes in, and he looked a bit strange to me, actually very strange. I really didn’t want to spend the night alone with him. Just then another hiker came in, an older man , who looked normal, I was so glad to see him! The strange guy came back from the water source and I looked at him...he had just one lens in his glasses.  Anyways, he says he’s going to Congdon Shelter and off he goes.  After a while, at least 10 minutes I go back up the trail to the bear box, to get a Snickers, and there he is, on his knees trying to get the bear box open! He couldn’t do it.  Said he just wanted to see how it worked.  Thief, is what I think.
Anyways the other hiker was Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a 72 year old hiker who did the AT 5 times (3 times section, 2 times thru) and the LT twice and was on day one of his 3rd LT through hike. He was a wealth of information and great company. He had some of his own equipment, talented and interesting man.
He went to bed early, and me, I put the Red Sox on my little radio and listened to the Red Sox beat the Rays and found an FM station that had the Yankees and listened to the Mariners beat them. Sweet! (Sorry Rough LOL)

6.1 miles
4 hours 

Day two
I tossed and turned, but I always do. Finally fell asleep, but kept waking up off and on. There was a cool breeze coming in the shelter and it was lovely. I woke up around dawn but rolled over till about 6:15. Got up and made coffee and oatmeal and it was yummie! Chronic was awake before me and said that it was 48 degrees out.  While I was eating, he was packing up and off he went, nice guy.
The hiking in the morning was great! I felt good and the hiking was fairly easy and I had a couple nice views. Crossing the power lines was nice. Great breeze and nice views , to bad there were power lines , though. Went through some nice beaver dams and ponds that were beautiful. It was the most pleasant part of the hike.  I have to say there really is a lot of mud in VT.  Sometimes it seemed like for every step forward there were three steps sideways in the damn mud.
So anyways, I’m hiking along in good spirits, then I screwed up. I come to ‘an old country road”, I should have crossed it, instead I followed it.  Well there are a few of these out there. They are not on the map. They are abandoned roads that are by now,  mud , water and rocks. Basically a muddy rocky stream.  Down the hill I go.  After a while I realize that I haven’t seen a blaze in a while. Looking down, I realize there are no more footprints in the mud! So I have to track my way back, because I didn’t think I’d recognize were I went wrong, by looking at the trees. As I’m tracking myself back through the mud, I realize I’m also tracking a bear! Never saw it , but I found my way back to the trail. The whole event took me a 1/2 mile out of my way and was mentally and physically  draining.
Back on the trail, I trudged on. The mud was a real hindrance , slowed me right down. After a while I got to Congdon Shelter at 1:45.  Sat and talked to a thru hiker and a section hiker, and ate lunch. Then I just rested. I really didn’t like Congdon, and everyone else was moving on. I felt pretty good and thought what the heck, I’ll push on, too! I can’t say it was a mistake, but it was a bit taxing.  I can really appreciate what a mile is now (its longer than you think).  The view from Harmon Hill was nice, and so was the breeze. Saw a deer on my way out and took her picture. Then I hit the stone stairs, knee grinders, I believe I read somewhere. What a grueling decent ! Without poles! Got to my car at 5:00 . I hiked from 7:30am to 5:00pm with just a 45 minute break. I was pooped, yet satisfied.

11.5 miles
 8. hours  (not including, 10 min break, 45 min lunch , 30 mins lost)
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