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GMC Trail Update May 2, 2020
« on: May 02, 2020, 09:39:59 AM »
"The GMC Visitor Center has been getting lots of questions about the status of the trail and hiking right now.  Read on to find out the answers.  Planning a thru-hike this year?  There's an FAQ just for you at the bottom.

Trail Maintenance: Along with the normal challenges related to mud season, GMC staff and volunteers have extremely limited capacity to conduct normal season-opening trail management at this time due to Governor Scott?s ?Stay Home, Stay Safe? order and social distancing requirements.  While we have gained some limited capacity to conduct early season management work with the governor?s recent order amendments, staff and volunteers are operating under stringent guidelines in compliance with that order.  For more information on these guidelines and what qualifies as appropriate management activities, please contact GMC Director of Field Programs, Keegan Tierney,

Hiking Now: The Long Trail and side trails remain closed on state lands at this time. Due to mud season and the public health risk from COVID-19, the Green Mountain Club has asked hikers to please avoid using the Long Trail, Appalachian Trail, side trails, and associated facilities on all lands until the Governor lifts the Stay at Home order and mud season is over. We encourage everyone to get out and exercise and recreate locally, close to home.

Despite COVID-19 and mud season warnings and closures, areas of the Long Trail system are experiencing unprecedented levels of use. It is unclear what current and long-term impacts early and high-level use have had on trail resources.  Please be a good steward and give the trails a break until mud season is over.

Hiking Later: In coordination with state partners and health experts, the club is developing guidance for hikers to stay safe on the trails this hiking season. Once trails open, hikers should expect public health and social distancing precautions to remain. New guidance for protecting public health at parking areas, shelters and overnight sites, and privies may be implemented and impact the use and availability of these services and facilities.

The 2020 hiking season is going to be different than past years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Hikers should expect some level of trail and trail-related facilities to be available this summer and fall, but availability may be limited to protect public health and trail resources."

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