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Rt4 to Brandon Gap
« on: February 22, 2011, 05:14:13 PM »
Day 7
Got on the road late this trip, I started at 9:am. I skipped a section because I’m supposed to go from Manchester to Rt4 with T Rex later in August.  So I’m starting at Rt 4 and hiking to Brandon Gap. I’ll be parking my car across from the Inn at the Long Trail and hitching back.
I arrived in Killington and realized I needed wool leggings and picked up a pair at an outfitters there.  The clerk said I should have no problem hitching back to the Inn from Brandon Gap. That made me feel good! Next stop, Inn at the Long Trail for some Guiness stew.  $18 later, I thought it was pretty steep for a bowl of stew , soda water and tip, but tradition calls for it , and I just a traditional kinda guy.
Hit the trail at about 1:30, the weather was overcast but not raining. The hiking was pretty easy going, went past Tucker Johnson and it was empty. I continued on to Ralston Rest, where I stayed the night with two interesting young men, Mike and John. I had some freeze dried chili mac which totally sucked! Talked to Mike some, he spent 4 months in a commune in India, interesting kid.
Listened to my radio and went to sleep. It rained so hard that night it woke me up.
5.4 miles
3 hours

Day 8
I woke up at dawn, and had a cup of coffee, followed by oatmeal. Packed up and hit the trail early, Mike and John were just getting up. The rain had stopped and the hiking was uneventful.
After awhile it started to lightly rain, but I really didn’t care because there were no views and I was already soaked in sweat. I got a picture of the Chittendon Reservoir , then It started to rain in earnest! Just to add a new wrinkle , the rain was COLD! By the time I got to David Logan I was wet, cold, tired and hungry. I quickly dried off,  changed into dry cloths, and cooked some ramens. Then a nap in my sleeping bag followed by a cup of coffee and I finally felt human.
Mike and John rolled in about an hour later, so I had company for the night. Then Trailer Trash came into camp about 9:00. He was the loudest snorer I have ever encountered and he never took his boots off. He was up all night stomping around, or snoring so load it woke me through the earplugs I put in.
7.6 miles
4.5 hours

Day 9
Needless to say I didn’t sleep the previous night. Breakfast was a Cliff Bar and coffee, I was a zombie. Oh yeah, it POURED last night. It was just lightly raining when I hit the trail. If its raining I must be on the Long Trial.  The trail wasn’t to bad, a little minor up and down, then I came to a bridge and then it became completely flat, and I was making great time. I got to Sunrise Shelter around 11:00 and had a snack. At this time the rain had stopped and it was clearing. I had originally intended to stay here for the night, but I was feeling good about hitching out , so I hiked out  to the trailhead.
I was hitching for a while and an old guy came by with a clunker full of junk and gave me a ride down to Rt100. Now from here I have about a 20 mile hitch ahead of me, but I was feeling good! Sitting by the side of Route 100 in the sun next to the Mad River isn’t the worst thing in the world, in fact it was one of the highlights of my trip. Until a car stopped to pick me up, I jumped in the back seat and was thanking the driver when I realized it was the clerk from the outfitters in Killington, who said it would be an easy hitch!!!! He took me all the way back to my car! Now THATS trail magic!
7.4 miles
4.5 hours