Author Topic: GMC Re Coronavirus: Can You Still Hike?  (Read 545 times)

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GMC Re Coronavirus: Can You Still Hike?
« on: March 23, 2020, 11:42:28 AM »
March 23, 2020

Yes, you can still hike! We want you to get out on the trails and your safety is our top priority. We ask that you limit your hikes to local day trips and avoid traveling and congregating in groups. Please continue to maintain social distance of at least 6? between people even on the trails.

For the safety of all, we ask that hikers do not use any overnight sites, shelters, or privies until further notice. These facilities cannot be sanitized and may contain surfaces for the coronavirus to spread through. We also cannot guarantee a COVID-19 free experience while hiking.

The current conditions are showing that it is mud season on some trails, while it?s still full winter on others, especially up high. Please be prepared for the conditions and be safe. Please consider that any accidents in the woods are dangerous for you and put a strain on first responders and our already overloaded healthcare system. You can reference more safety recommendations from Leave No Trace.

We know that hiking is good for our mental and physical health and can be a source of inspiration in difficult times. The Green Mountain Club is here to help you find your connection to the mountains. Our visitor center staff are taking calls and answering emails. We are working on virtual activities to keep you connected to the hiking community. Reach out using (802) 244-7037 or You can also visit our website for GMC related COVID-19 information.

Please be safe when enjoying your outdoor pursuits.

Sincerely, Mike DeBonis, Executive Director, Green Mountain Club
Long Trail end-to-end 2003